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Junkables is glad to offer free classifieds for anyone wanting to sell their antiques online

You must be logged in. Click on the start selling link (Start Selling your Antiques Now) either at the top of the home page or at the bottom of the home page. It will take you to the add product form. You must add the pictures of your items first. If you want the same photo for both pictures just browse for the same image. Browse for the location of the pictures on your computer and then click the submit button below the image. The pictures must be in a jpeg format to load. After your photos have loaded fill out the rest of the form and then hit submit at the bottom of the page. Each blank must be filled out, if you do not have the information at the time of filling out the form put an X in the field. You can go back to your profile page later to make changes to your product. If you plan on taking the best offer for your antiques please type it in the shipping information field along with your shipping information. If you do plan on taking the best offer please leave the price field BLANK. Don’t forget you can go to the view profile page and click on the Edit your Product information to edit your antiques for sale. If you have any problems with either adding or editing your antiques please let us know. We will be glad to help you add your collectibles. Just email us at and we will do everything we can to help you add your antique for sale.You can also email us all the information and up to two photos of your antiques and we will add it for you.
Thanks from the Junkables crew

Instructions on resizing your image file size if they are too Large

  1. You can change the resolution of your image to 72 -from a photo editing software
  2. Changing the resolution will change the file size without making your image too small
  3. Most digital cameras have software that comes with camera that will be able to do this
  4. You can also find many places online that will resize images for free
  5. You can email me at with you image and I will help you with your editing software or I will resize your images for you.
  6. The smaller your image file size is (this does not mean that you have to have a small image, just the file size needs to be smaller) the faster your image will load which means more people will view more of your products.


Instructions on PayPal buy now button

  1.  Login to your PayPal account
  2. Click on Merchant Services tab
  3. Click on the Buy Now Icon
  4. Fill in the information on the form and press Create button
  5. Copy and paste the code PayPal displays in the PayPal box on the Junkables’s form
  6. Make sure you create a new button for each of your items you are selling – you cannot use the same code on multiple products.

Items that cannot be sold on Junkables:

No items that have a copyright or that might have a copyright infringement such as music, bootleg movies, TV shows, and computer programs, to name a few.
No phonograph material
Nothing that could be consirded illegal such as drugs.
No weapons, firearms, fireworks, prescription drugs, vitamins, alcohol, cigarettes, or tobacco of any kind or food related items.
No live animal of any kind can be sold on Junkables
No raffles, prizes or donations of any kind
Junkables reserves the right to remove any item we consider unlawful or not appropriate for our website.  We also reserve the right to remove members and dealers as we see suitable.

Online classifieds
Selling antiques and collectibles

Junkables is glad to offer sellers FREE listings. Why pay eBay and other online sites to sell your antiques, collectibles and vintage items.   EBay charges a set amount to list antiques and then they charge a percentage of the sell.  We have tried hard to create a site where dealers can sell their antiques and collectibles FREE of any sellers fees of any kind.  In order for us to continue with no sellers cost we need as much marketing help as possible.  Junkables depend on our dealers to help us advertise and increase traffic on Junkable’s website.  Help us keep Junkables a true dealers website leave us feedback with any ideals of how we can improve our site and please help us spread the word on Junkables.
Selling Antiques online classifieds 


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