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Junkables is 100% Free for our members, you can list and sell your antiques without any seller fees or listing fees. Junkables is about selling vintage, antiques and collectables (collectibles), junkable items and recycling older items. Start your online antique store now or just list one or two vintage collectibles. When you become a Junkables member you can list your website address on your profile page along with listing your vintage antiques.

How does Junkables make money if we do not charge for listing vintage antiques and collectibles? Junkables relies on ads to make money. We also use what is called infolinks, that is where you see the highlighted words in green and when you move the mouse over them they pop up a window with an ad in it. The more antiques members list the more pages we will have with ads on them, so the more antiques listed, not only does it bring us traffic it also puts  more ads on and the more money from those ads.

We are searchable by the title of every antique listed - The more antiques or collectibles we have, the more times google might list us in the search engines. So when you list an item keep in mind that the title of your antique will be the name of the page listed in google, so the more infomation you put in the title, short and long descriptions using great keywords about your antiques the better chance your item will have being listed at the top of the search engines. You can also change the Title and the descriptions to experiment with it to see what keywords will get your antique closer to the top of google.

Junkables.com will stay a true online antique store for our members, with the exception of a few crafts members might put on under the hand made category there will only be vintage antiques and collectibles listed on our site.

Come set up a online antique store with us:
Are you an antiques dealer, own a antiques shop and antiques stores), auctioneer or antiques related business wanting to sell your antiques online? Then you are at the right antique store.

We believe in doing our part in helping the environment. We understand how hard it is for crafters to sell their products, so we would like to offer a space for you to showcase your talents. When you become a member you can put your recycled, trash to treasure or a great yard sale find in the project pic under your profile page. Also you can tell a little about your junk to treasure on your profile page or say what ever you want on the chatter page. If you would like you may list your website also on your porfile page. Just email us at info@junkables.comfor the details.


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Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our site or any products on the site. Thank you for visting Junkables.com

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