FAQ's for Junkables antiques collectibles
Collectables for the rest of us

  • How does the seller get paid? 
    You can get paid several different ways.  If you have a PayPal account you can copy the code for a buy now button and paste it into the PayPal spot on the form.  The money will go directly into your account.  If you prefer to not use PayPal the buyer could mail you a check or money order.  It is up to the seller on how they get paid.
  • Do we have to use Junkables PayPal account to use the buy now button?
    NO – You must use your own PayPal account.
  • If we need help adding the buy now button where can we find help? 
    Instructions for adding the code are on Junkable’s home page and you can also find instructions on the PayPal website.  You can also email info@junkables.com and we will help you.
  • How much does it cost to sell our items on Junkables?
    Nothing, it is absolutely FREE
  • How much does Junkables take for seller’s commission?
    Nothing, it is absolutely FREE
  • Why would Junkables not charge the seller any fees?
    We hope to generate enough traffic on Junkables to make income from advertisements and not from our dealers. By Members adding antiques and collectibles to our site it keeps our site freash for viewers to come back to see what has been added everyday.
  • How many items can we list on Junkables?
    Unlimited at this time
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    NO the only fee you will have is from PayPal and that is only if you choose to use PayPal.
  • Can we get our items listed on the front page?
    We are currently working on this and hope to come up with something by the end of December.
  • If we don’t accept PayPal how do we let the buyer know our payment preference?  Use the PayPal spot on the (add your item) form to list your payment preference; checks and or money orders.
  • You can get more views by using the share button for facebook and the twitter button that is on your products page.
  • The title of your vintage antique is what is searchable. 
    The more detailed you are the better chance it will come up in a search.  Try to think of what a person looking for antiques would type in the search bar.  If I am selling a handmade table I would make the title Vintage handmade dark coffee table.
  • How do you get your store on the front page?
    It is determined by how many antiques or vintage collectibles a seller lists in a certain time period. We will put the members who list the most items on the front page or if someone list a lot of antiques in a certain amount of time.

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