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Vintage, Antiques and Vintage collectibles for the rest of us. Start selling online now - it is FREE to sell your antiques and collectibles with Junkables
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Start chatting about your antiques and projects, just become a Junkables member, login then go to the chatter page

How do I set up PayPal? I can't post what I want to sell you help me through that

Is the site down?

Why are sold items, still on the site, when you look up categories???

Why doesn't Junkables have search categories? I find this very annoying that you cant do specific searches for items that you might be looking for. I collect vintage signs but you cant do a search for them on here. You have to go to "advertising" and

Nothing New
Just added my steampunk steam punk outsider art nude abstract sculpture. To my antique online store.

I'm new to the sight, trying to get images to post....Will be adding a lot of items soon

Long time seller of select antiques and sports collectibles.

I'm back, made it safely back to where I belong. Here are more fun things to buy for Christmas 2015

Find our new consignments page at antiquesauctionsandestatesales.com

I will be posting several kitchen items in the next day or so, they include aluminum rotary green handled sifter, several cookie presses in their original boxes, and many other items.

We're new and just added a couple items, please check them out, thanks

Regency, Victorian and Georgian furniture, Louis Style French Antique Furniture, Mirrors, Large Framed Oil Paintings

Antique barometers, Antique Clocks and Music Box Shop, Antique Furniture Restoration

n Aug 7, 2015 1:11 AM, "Sandy" wrote: ▼ Hide quoted text What tha fuk is that?

If she doesn't want people to send her items she's looking for..then she shld take her message down..n not be so rude

I have a complaint about a member..She's in search of items...I sent her an email...N her reply was...."WHAT THE F..K IS THAT

how do i upload my photos

does anyone like old bottles????:-)

As soon as I figure all this out I will be putting items up for sale.

After 30+years working in Cosmetics and perfumes, its time to let it all go. No Grand daughters to leave it to either.

why is my pictures not showing up? any suggestions?

Vintage Doll
@yesteryear Junkables is pretty much a do it yourself website. They don't have employees because they want to keep it a free website. They do not charge a fee for anything. If you post your question here we can try to help you

How do you contact anyone that works here? I need some help and the email I sent to support@junkables.com gets returned saying they cannot find that address?

My Great Grandmother was born in 1873. She raised me even though she was 77 years old when I was born. Many items I am selling are things she left me.

My Antique Collection is an online destination to buy and sell vintage antiques. Find us here: myantiquecollection.us

ANTIQUE products for the ones who loves old collective items.

Oh. When I post it shows my store name....never mind. Still confused about researching.

How do you research what a vintage item has sold for. Vintage 1960's Orange Sniffing Dog In Box...Never played with. Have Doll Collection. How do I get the above to show the name I picked for my store? NEWBIE BLUES. HELP!

now we are friends shucks

when cant I get my pictures downloaded

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Junkables online antique store is a great alternative to ebay. Antique Dearlers can sell their vintage antiques with no seller fees of any kind. If you are tired of the fees from all the other online antique stores - try this alternative to ebay at no risk.
I was looking for a antique website where I could sell my antiques without giving away all the profits to the website. I was delighted when I came across junkables.com. online antique stores. They have made a true commitment to keeping the website dedicated to antiques and vintage collectibles and the best part is they do not charge to sell your antiques. They do not take a dime not for listing fees or selling fees. This is great. Thanks Junkables. I will keep telling everyone what a great antique website this is. and to come start their online antique store.

I recently purchased costume jewelry from Junkables.com. I was extremely happy when the jewelry arrived a few days later and in great condition. What a great find. Junkables is truly like going junkin with your best friend, you never know what treasures you might find. Happy treasure hunting!

-One Very Happy Customer-

I love the antique fenton glass and the depression glassware - will keep looking for more depression glassware to get listed, i have bought some fenton from you guys and i love it. it was exactly what was listed and was shipped in a timely manner

Thanks Carol

My husband and I have been searching for folk art to add to our collection. We are enthusiastic folk art collectors. We have a mix of pieces in our home and were elated to come across Junkables. We have purchased our last two folk art from Junkables. Will continue to viist and please keep us posted if you have more folk art listed - as we want to get first look (ha ha).

Mary From Kentucky

I have a online antique store here at junkables. I really love the site even though it took me a couple of times listing my antiques and collectibles before I got the hang of it, but now it is easy to list my antiques, fun to watch my antiques sell and my paypal account grow.


I am so glad you put this on, I bought some carnival glassware awhile ago. I live in Austria and not only was the seller nice enough to ship out of the country for me she also packed it so good that it took forever to get it open, she had to use a whole roll of bubble wrap. The CARNIVAL GLASS I received was not only greatly packed it did not have a chip on it , It was actually MORE BEAUTIFUL in person than the photo showed on the site. Great Site will SHOP ONLINE here again. It was a great experience.

Betty Jo Wells

Great antique online shop, love looking at all the antiques. However, I am a vintage coin collector and would really love if junkables would list some vintage coins on the Currency Page. Been disappointed with the lack of listings on the currency page.

Vintage Coins Enthusiast

Junkables is a great Online Flea Market - Great Flea Markets to use in Winter - and start using Junkables to sell my Junk -

Junkables antique friend

Lora Dickens was a Wonderful seller and was pleasure to deal with.

Mike S.

purchased some great vintage christmas items last year and am hopeing there will be more listing of vintage christmas decorations again this year.

Linda - vintage christmaas decoration lover

Junkables is one of the most unique and interesting antique and vintage collectible site, A great place to sell and buy vintage, antiques and collectibles. - We will try to post as many feedbacks for Junkables online antique stores as we can but space might limit us - we will change out the feedback for Junkables every 4 months or so - that way we can get more feedback for online buyers and sellers

Leah - maybe i am a little basis but I still think it is a great online antique store and a great alternative to ebay

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