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I've been selling here going on 5 or 6 years.At first it was great.Lately been pretty dead like everything online even big E is dead

I've been selling on junk a bowl for about three years and during this time I have sold a few items which I immediately deleted from this forum unfortunately the items are not deleting so everything that I have sold is still for sale… Can somebody hel

Decorative mirrors online: Antique wall mirrors. Large antique mirrors. See More http://www.cleallantiques.co.uk/antique-landscape-portrait-mirrors/

I have a collection of 1940's & 50's Royal Doulton figurines and Toby Jugs as well as antique irons (late 1800's to early 1900's. Various other collectables as well please let me know if theres something in particular you're looking fo

I have a collection of 1940's & 50's Royal Doulton figurines and Toby Jugs as well as antique irons (late 1800's to early 1900's. Various other collectables as well please let me know if theres something in particular you're looking fo

I'm disabled and need a place to sell my own collectibles. How are sales?

Selling a 1950s singer sewing machine. anyone interested?

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added an abstract pop outsider art keychain. In orange and black Harley Davidson colors.

Uploaded our first items check them out. We will eventually have a nice assortment of collectibles. If u are looking for something specific please ask we will try to provide items of your interest


(continued)re-stain or paint wood pieces too I will offer some antiques as is watch for me LMN1103@yahoo.com all my pieces are unique!!!

Hi everyone im laurie rose I collect smaller antiques and cool old stuff and create decorative home/office art out of it.. I use old windows, shutters, vases, boxes, barnwood, iron parts, mirrors, frames...,etc .. I decoupage and strip and re-stain or pai

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I will no longer be accepting Paypal. Only post office money orders.

What's up? Check our my multiple autographed program 1977 Texas Rangers.nolan Ryan and more. One ofa kind


Hi everyone, My name is Keith & I am from Wisconsin. I live in a small town but am in the middle of 2 large city's. My collecting includes Randy Moss football cards & selling football cards of many NFL cards. I love history, so I love many odd items o

I love treasure and I think i spend half my life looking .Its my passion .I have grandkids and they are number one and married .and have 4 grown kids

Hello, just wanted to say I got a lot a great stuff to put on here, but just give me a little time and I will get things rolling.

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Added some outsider art pieces toay. Peace,middle finger,chillin,black power hand keychains. and some steampunk light parts. A tiki head necklace

Hi everybody! New kid at school here :) Glad to find this site while looking for something else that I don't even remember now (oh look shiny!). Will be listing items so lets just call my empty store catalog a minimalism thing I'm trying lute for

hi I'm Bridgette I am currently 32 years old I live in Minneapolis Minnesota, I had been collecting a lot of different types of antiques collectibles Exedra from estate sale you name it my mother and I love to shop so here are some items I am willing


Hi beautiful people, well here I am listing some odds and ends that I want to share. Some items belong in a museum and others to be bought and given to the next generation to enjoy and share the history. If you like something and need more information

Does anyone know how to flip the pics??

Also selling antique Edgar Allen Poe book 1944 super cheaphttp://www.ebay.com/itm/291201817691

I posted an item on ebay it's a glassware snack set runs for $100 selling for $79.99 best deal on the market! http://www.ebay.com/itm/291201761105

Just uploaded my first item!

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Just added 2 very different outsider art bumble bee pair. 2 different listings

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I added a mid century lightolier, and honeycomb sconce pair of lamps, and some outsider art Harry 8TRX

1962 MINT Gillette Adjustable w Case and Blades H4 All Items Sold for Best Offer http://youtu.be/fe_Pq0Mmq3A ...... More pictures

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Junkables online antique store is a great alternative to ebay. Antique Dearlers can sell their vintage antiques with no seller fees of any kind. If you are tired of the fees from all the other online antique stores - try this alternative to ebay at no risk.
I was looking for a antique website where I could sell my antiques without giving away all the profits to the website. I was delighted when I came across junkables.com. online antique stores. They have made a true commitment to keeping the website dedicated to antiques and vintage collectibles and the best part is they do not charge to sell your antiques. They do not take a dime not for listing fees or selling fees. This is great. Thanks Junkables. I will keep telling everyone what a great antique website this is. and to come start their online antique store.

I recently purchased costume jewelry from Junkables.com. I was extremely happy when the jewelry arrived a few days later and in great condition. What a great find. Junkables is truly like going junkin with your best friend, you never know what treasures you might find. Happy treasure hunting!

-One Very Happy Customer-

I love the antique fenton glass and the depression glassware - will keep looking for more depression glassware to get listed, i have bought some fenton from you guys and i love it. it was exactly what was listed and was shipped in a timely manner

Thanks Carol

My husband and I have been searching for folk art to add to our collection. We are enthusiastic folk art collectors. We have a mix of pieces in our home and were elated to come across Junkables. We have purchased our last two folk art from Junkables. Will continue to viist and please keep us posted if you have more folk art listed - as we want to get first look (ha ha).

Mary From Kentucky

I have a online antique store here at junkables. I really love the site even though it took me a couple of times listing my antiques and collectibles before I got the hang of it, but now it is easy to list my antiques, fun to watch my antiques sell and my paypal account grow.


I am so glad you put this on, I bought some carnival glassware awhile ago. I live in Austria and not only was the seller nice enough to ship out of the country for me she also packed it so good that it took forever to get it open, she had to use a whole roll of bubble wrap. The CARNIVAL GLASS I received was not only greatly packed it did not have a chip on it , It was actually MORE BEAUTIFUL in person than the photo showed on the site. Great Site will SHOP ONLINE here again. It was a great experience.

Betty Jo Wells

Great antique online shop, love looking at all the antiques. However, I am a vintage coin collector and would really love if junkables would list some vintage coins on the Currency Page. Been disappointed with the lack of listings on the currency page.

Vintage Coins Enthusiast

Junkables is a great Online Flea Market - Great Flea Markets to use in Winter - and start using Junkables to sell my Junk -

Junkables antique friend

Lora Dickens was a Wonderful seller and was pleasure to deal with.

Mike S.

purchased some great vintage christmas items last year and am hopeing there will be more listing of vintage christmas decorations again this year.

Linda - vintage christmaas decoration lover

Junkables is one of the most unique and interesting antique and vintage collectible site, A great place to sell and buy vintage, antiques and collectibles. - We will try to post as many feedbacks for Junkables online antique stores as we can but space might limit us - we will change out the feedback for Junkables every 4 months or so - that way we can get more feedback for online buyers and sellers

Leah - maybe i am a little basis but I still think it is a great online antique store and a great alternative to ebay

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